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view.on(prerenderFunction:Function) or view.on(action:String, prerenderFunction:Function)

Used to add functions to be called before the render. This can go into any of the four queues. If only a function is passed in, it will be added to the actionQueue by default.

If the action is init, the function will be pushed on to the initQueue.


view.on('init', function (next) {
  /* an action */

If the action is render, the function will be pushed on to the renderQueue.

If the action is get, post, put or delete, the function will only be called for the corresponding http method, added to the actionQueue.

For actions based on http methods, a third argument can be passed in between the two other arguments.

on a POST and PUT requests search the req.body for a matching value. On every other request search the query.

Example for post request:

view.on('post', { action: 'theAction' }, function(next) {
  // respond to the action

Example for get request:

view.on('get', { page: 2 }, function(next) {
  // do something specifically on ?page=2