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This function starts Keystone's processes running, connecting to the database and starting the server. Anything that needs to be done to set up either of these must be done before keystone.start() is run.

Start can optionally take in either a function or an object as parameters.

If a function is passed in, it acts as a callback, being called once Keystone has finished all startup processes.


keystone.start(function () {
  console.log('Application is now running')

If you wish to be more granular, or have callbacks to specific processes, you can pass in an object, with functions attached to specific steps. You can pass a function in as the properties:

  • onMount - called when the database connection has been opened.
  • onHttpsServerCreated - called after the HTTP server has been created.
  • onSocketServerCreated - if unix socket is set to true, will be called after the socket server is created.

Note that these are run asynchronously to the Keystone startup process and cannot interrupt or consistently effect

Note: If you only require the database connection, you can start it using openDatabaseConnection