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keystone.set(key:String, value:Mixed)

keystone.set provides an option to Keystone for use during Keystone setup. Assigns the value provided to the key in Keystone's options object. keystone.set returns the value object.

You should not set Keystone options after Keystone has been started.

The initialization options can be found in the configuration documentation.

For information on setting up Keystone, see the installation guide


keystone.set('port', 5050)

There are middleware that can be added with set which will be automatically run for particular actions. For information on these see the middleware documentation.

keystone.set(key:string) - .set can also be called with a string and no value passed in. If there is only one argument, keystone.set will instead retrieve the value of the selected key from Keystone. This is aliased as keystone.get(),