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Paginate (Deprecated)

This feature of Keystone is now deprecated and you are encouraged to roll your own pagination

This is a keystone-specific way of retrieving items from mongo. It returns a query object, just as List.model.find() would. It supports the options

  • page - page to start at
  • perPage - number of results to return per page
  • maxPages - optional, causes the page calculation to omit pages from the beginning/middle/end(useful if you have lots of pages, and do not want them to wrap over several lines).

For example:

to load the posts with the maxPages 10 and perPage 10, with state is published, populating the linked author and categories, sorted by reverse published date:

Loading Posts with paginate

var keystone = require('keystone');
var Post = keystone.list('Post');

  page: req.query.page || 1,
  perPage: 10,
  maxPages: 10
  .populate('author categories')
  .exec(function(err, results) {
    locals.data.posts = results;

NOTE: All parameters of your search should be passed in to the paginate method. Adding additional specificity through calls to mongoose methods such as where will not be properly respected.

When you call exec on a paginated query, it will return a lot of metadata along with the results:

key details
total all matching results (not just on this page)
results array of results for this page
currentPage the index of the current page
totalPages the total number of pages
pages array of pages to display
previous index of the previous page, false if at the first page
next index of the next page, false if at the last page
first the index of the first result included
last index of the last result included