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Markdown Field

Object - Displayed as a textarea field in the Admin UI.

Stores a nested structure in the model with the properties:

  html: String,
  md: String,

When the md path is set, the value is first sanitized using sanitize-html, then rendered into HTML using marked. (Options for both these packages can be provided in the field definition, see below.) The resultant HTML is persisted as html.


height Number

Defines the height of the markdown editor; defaults to 90.

{ type: Types.Markdown, height: 200 }

toolbarOptions Object

Allow customizations of the toolbar.

toolbarOptions.hiddenButtons String

Comma separated list of buttons to hide.

{ type: Types.Markdown, toolbarOptions: { hiddenButtons: 'H1,H6,Code' } }

markedOptions Object

markedOptions are an object within options. When generating the html, these options are passed directly in to Marked. See the marked documentation for details on what options are valid.

sanitizeOptions Object

Supplied as options to the sanitize-html package. If not supplied the field will inherit the package defaults.


The markdown field will automatically convert markdown to html when the md property is changed, via a setter on the md path.

md String - source markdown text

html String - generated html code

Page.add({ content: Types.Markdown });

var page = new Page.model();
page.content.md = "# Hello World";
page.content.html == "<h1>Hello World</h1>";

// or...

Page.fields.content.updateItem(page, "* list item");
page.fields.content.format(page) == "<ul><li>list item</ul></li>";



Returns the html value.

Inherits from Text

  • validateInput
  • validateRequiredInput