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Embedly Field

Object — Displayed as read-only data in the Admin UI.

Automatically retrieves data from the Embedly API about the value of another field (specified with the from option).

It stores the retrieved data (which includes the provider, media type, full URL, HTML embed code, width, height, thumbnail picture and more).

The API call to retrieve the data is implemented as a pre-save hook, and is only triggered if the from path value has changed.

See the Embed.ly configuration documentation for details on how to set up Embed.ly in KeystoneJS.

  { type: Types.Embedly, from: 'path' }


from String

the path of another field in the Schema that will be passed to the Embedly API. The other field must contain a String value.

options Object

(optional) - passed as arguments to the embedly API along with the from field value

See Embedly's oEmbed API documentation for more information on options and returned data.


exists Boolean

type String

title String

url String

width Number

height Number

version String

description String

html String

authorName String

authorUrl String

providerName String

providerUrl String

thumbnailUrl String

thumbnailWidth Number

thumbnailHeight Number