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Email Field

String — Displayed as a text field in the Admin UI.

Note: Input must look like a valid email address (can be blank unless field is required)

  { type: Types.Email, displayGravatar: true }


displayGravatar Boolean

whether to display a gravatar image in the Admin UI

Underscore methods

gravatarUrl(input, size, defaultImage, rating)

generates a gravatar image request url

  item.email = "demo@keystonejs.com";
  item._.email.gravatarUrl(); // "//www.gravatar.com/avatar/74a0071e5f3a7107b570b7d4a1a7619d?s=80&d=identicon&r=g"
  item._.email.gravatarUrl(200,'mm','r'); // "//www.gravatar.com/avatar/74a0071e5f3a7107b570b7d4a1a7619d?s=200&d=mm&r=r"