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Datearray field

Stores an Array of Dates in the model. In the admin UI displays a Date field, with an 'add item' button below it.

Each item in the date array is validated and parsed using momentjs. See the moment documents for what valid formats are.


separator String

Used to join the strings in the array to create a single formatted value.

Defaults to " | ";

parseFormat String

The default format used to validate information being added. Defaults to "'YYYY-MM-DD'". Uses moment to parse the input with the format string.

format String

The default format to display information in. Defaults to "'Do MMM YYYY'". This is parsed using moment.


format(formatString, separator)

Formats the stored value using momentjs, with the provided format string.

formatString defaults to the format option, which defaults to "Do MMM YYYY".

If no formatString is provided and the format option is false, the stored value will be returned.

When the stored value is undefined, an empty string is returned.

Concatenates all values with the separator argument and returns a string.


Ensures the value, if provided, is either a Date object, a number that can be interpreted as epoch time, or a string that can be parsed into a valid date by moment.

Allows null and "" to clear the field value.


Ensures a value has been provided, and it is either an epoch time, or a string that can be parsed into a valid date, or an array of such.