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CloudinaryImages Field

Array — Displayed as a series of images, and an upload field in the Admin UI.

Stores multiple images in a array as a nested Schema, each of which expose the same methods as the cloudinaryimage field.

  { type: Types.CloudinaryImages }


folder String specifies a custom folder/prefix for the Cloudinary image public_id when cloudinary folders is set to true.

  { type: Types.CloudinaryImages, folder: 'path/to/image' }

Note: If you want Cloudinary to automatically create folders when the cloudinary folders option is set to true, make sure you enable "Auto-create folders" in your Cloudinary account "Upload Settings".

autoCleanup Boolean

When true, changes Keystone's default behavior from remove (which only removes the Cloudinary image from the database) to delete (which removes the image from both the database and Cloudinary storage). Additionally, this option replaces an existing image (if one already exists) during upload. This only occurs on calls to updateItem

{ type: Types.CloudinaryImage, autoCleanup : true }