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Boolean Field

Stores a Boolean in the model. Displayed as a checkbox in the Admin UI.


{ type: Types.Boolean }



Returns the string "true" or "false".


Because FormData can only submit String values, and HTML Forms won't submit fields at all when checkbox inputs are not checked, there are a few unusual behaviours when updating Boolean fields:

  • The stored value is always updated, even when undefined is provided
  • Any falsy value, including undefined, null, false, "" and 0 will store false
  • The string "false" will store false
  • Any other truthy string will store true
  • Any truthy number will store true
  • The boolean true will store true

There is no way to use updateItem to remove Boolean field values from the item.


Ensures the value can be interpreted using the rules above. Other complex values (objects that aren't null, dates, arrays, etc) are not valid input.


Ensures the value matches one of the rules above that will store true


Accepts a single boolean value:

    value: Boolean,

When value is true, any items containing true in the field's path will be matched.

When value is false, items containing false in the field's path or with no value in the field's path will be matched.